Home and Office Revamps

ROBIN BAILEY from the 97.3fm Breakfast Show works with SUZANNE on a

Enter Graham, partner to Jocelyn, who is tearing his hair out as regards lack of space in their home. The two vie for valuable space in a tiny office to carry out respective business & hobby activities.
  Living Room before the Declutter Process. The living room was a storage area for all kinds of things.
Robin Bailey from 97.3FM and Suzanne from 'Revamps' with listener Graham Walsh
  Don't Be sentimental when you declutter...   "Less is More"

The listener is also going to embark on a major change-over/revamp which is more extensive than the restraints of what we could do in this session. It will involve creating a permanent hobby/work area where all members of the family can interact & the dining table will be placed closer to the kitchen. Some extra storage units will help in the kitchen and some storage cupboards will help accommodate items in the new hobby area. It will free up space in the congested office and will mean family members are not ‘out of the way’ to carry out hobbies and interests.

  “It never ceases to amaze me, even after all these years, how once a ‘Revamp’ starts to unfold, there is always a new, more workable space for many items – as if they just fall into place”